Privacy policy

Ealing Council (the “council”) owns, manages and runs this website.

Information about Ealing venue’s website

If you are browsing our website you do not need to disclose your personal details.

Personal information we collect

The council does not capture or store any personal information about individuals who access this website (see cookies below) except where you voluntarily choose to give the council your personal details by completing and submitting an enquiry (including the online enquiry form). During the course of a telephone call or via an email enquiry or the website enquiry form, we will ask you for your name, email address and a telephone number so that we can contact you to provide you with information about hiring a venue. If you request information by post, we will request a postal address.

What we do with personal information

We use this information only for the intended purpose that you have provided it for ie. in relation to communicating with you and providing details on hiring a venue.

The council will not pass your information onto any other parties and we will hold your information only for as long as necessary.  We will hold your details if you enquire and subsequently book a venue. Any enquiries that do not result in a booking will be deleted after a period of 2 years.

In some cases the council may use your information for another purpose if it is under a legal duty to do so.

The council has a duty to protect the public funds it administers, and accordingly may use the information you have provided for the prevention and detection of fraud. It may also share this information with law enforcement agencies and other bodies responsible for auditing or administering public funds for these purposes.

Where the council discloses personal information, this is carried out in accordance with its’ responsibilities under the General Data Protection Regulations and Data Protection Bill May 2018 and the council’s Trust Charter and Fair Processing statement.

The council has implemented technical measures to safeguard your information from:

  • unauthorised access
  • improper use or disclosure
  • unauthorised modification
  • unlawful destruction or accidental loss

What are your individual rights regarding your personal data?

  •  access to the personal data we hold about you
  • the correction of your personal data when incorrect, out of date or incomplete
  •  you can withdraw consent, or object and we have no legitimate overriding interest, or once the purpose for which we hold the data has come to an end, that we stop using your personal data
  •  we will stop any consent-based processing of your personal data after you withdraw that consent,
  • a review of any decision made based solely on automatic processing of your data ie. where no human has yet reviewed the outcome and criteria for the decision
  • the right to have personal data erased in certain circumstances

To make a subject access request, please go to: –

Your right to withdraw consent

Whenever you have given us your consent to use personal data, you have the right to change your mind at any time and withdraw that consent.

Legal basis for processing data


For some services that we provide we can collect and process your data with your consent. When you give us your consent, you can change your mind and withdraw that consent.

Contractual obligations

We use this to fulfil  our contractual obligations to you or because you have asked us to do something before entering into a contract eg. provide a quote.

Notification of changes

As the council creates new online services, this may generate a need to amend this privacy statement. The council will highlight such changes on the home page of the website if substantial changes are made.

The main privacy policy for Ealing council can be found here. If our information changes at any time in the future the council will post the policy changes on this page.

Enquiries around the handling of your data

If you have any queries about the privacy policy please contact:

Mrs L Cox, Information and Compliance Officer, IMG, Perceval House, 14/16 Uxbridge Road, Ealing, W5 2HL.

Tel: (020) 8825 5124


You may wish to contact the Information Commissioner if you are not satisfied with our response:

Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, CK9 5AF


Terms and disclaimer


The council makes every effort to provide up-to-date and accurate information on this website. However, the council and other parties involved in creating and delivering this website’s contents give no warranty as to the accuracy of the information and does not accept any liability for any loss, damage, or inconvenience arising in any way whatsoever from the use of information on this website.

Links to other sites

The council does not endorse any external linked sites contained on this website and is not responsible for their content. We cannot guarantee that these links will work all of the time and have no control over the availability of the linked pages.


The council owns the copyright of all material on this website unless stated otherwise.

Material on this site is for personal, non-commercial use. No part of the site can be copied or adapted without the written permission from the council.

You are not permitted to copy or use of the council and the venue hire logo and graphics accessed from this website without the prior approval from the respective copyright owner.

How does this website use cookies?

This website uses a cookie to record whether a user’s browser is enabled to use JavaScript. JavaScript is a common website tool that provides interactivity such as the animation of page elements e.g. fading them in and out. The cookie is a simple yes/no flag, and contains no personal data.

This website also uses Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a tool that allows the behaviour of users on a website to be analysed. This helps a website owner to provide the best user experience. Google Analytics generates cookies that identify whether you’ve visited the website before, which pages you visit etc. These cookies cannot be used to identify individuals; they are used for statistical purposes only and the data never shows any confidential information. The data itself is only visible to staff at Tincan and the relevant team at Google.

This website may include video/audio content from You Tube or Vimeo; you should be aware that those sites may set cookies while you’re using this website. For more details please consult the privacy policies of the services in question.

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You should be aware though that restricting cookies may impact on the functionality of the websites you visit.

Definition of terms:


Short for Web browser, a software application used to locate and display Web pages. The two most popular browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox.


Cookies are small text files stored by your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox) on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Cookies enable functionality on a website (for example storing user preferences).

IP (Internet Protocol)

This is the technical standard by which data is transferred between two devices. All networks connected to the internet speak IP.

IP address

An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical label. It is assigned to each device (e.g., computer, printer).


Each website has an address. The website has a URL, or Uniform Resource Locator, assigned to it.

Web server

The web server makes it possible to be able to access content like web pages; it can also access other data from anywhere as long as it is connected to the internet.


Please note that this privacy statement does not cover links to other websites other than to Ealing council’s main website privacy policy.