Other suppliers

Technical Services

Greenford Hall

Greenford Hall has an extensive stage lighting and performance sound system. If you wish to use the system for your event, you should ideally use our recommended technicians. If you are bringing in your own supplier, you will need to book our recommended technicians. They will provide a check-in/check-out service and provide instruction on use of the facilities. The fee for technical services will be incorporated into your hire charges.

For more information about the stage lighting and sound facilities at Greenford Hall, please contact a member of the Hospitality & Events team.

Bar Provision / Supply of alcohol

If you are planning to provide alcohol at your event free of charge for your guests, you are welcome to make your own arrangements either through your caterer or other supplier. In this instance, please notify the Event Manager of those arrangements.

If you wish to charge guests for alcohol at your event, we would ask that you either use one of our accredited caterers or our recommended bar suppliers. They will ensure that all conditions of our premises licence are adhered to and will provide a Personal Licence Holder to oversee the service for your guests.

Additional suppliers

Below, you will find a helpful guide to suppliers who are familiar with our venues. Whilst we do not ask you to choose from them and you are more than welcome to bring in your own suppliers, the companies on our list know best how to show our venues off and will help set you on the path to creating your perfect event!

Recommended suppliers for Greenford Hall